Resin is a fabulous medium to work with and during this 3 hour workshop you will learn the basics of resin wall art. You will be creating your very own 40cm square piece of art for your home or as a gift. No previous art experience is necessary.


Penny Sasso  •  My Life on a Plate

I was born in Sydney, Australia in 1961 and completed my Diploma in Interior Decorating in 1985. Since then I have worked as the principal Interior Designer with my Architect husband in our own business Aspect Designs. Together we have won over 30 major awards in the industry by combining the external built forms designed by Michael and the interior spatial design, materials, colour and decoration by me in response to our clients’ personality. My work as a decorator has been highlighted in printed media such as Belle, House and Garden, Trends, Luxury Homes and Best Home’s magazines. Inspired by my clients in my Interior Design business, along with my true love of colours, textures and mediums, it motivated me to expand my knowledge into learning resin art, ceramic painting, mosaic art, glass art and more recently polymer clay & encaustic (bee’s wax). During the last 17 years of developing my craft I have had many of our clients’ commission me to create a "special" piece of art to display in the entry, or similar, of their new homes. I have found that by dealing directly with a client, I am able to seek out their inner personality and meld it into an art piece that truly expresses who they are. Having said that, I have also found that once people can see a piece of art that I have created, then they love it. This process has inspired me to simply just keep creating!! ARTIST STATEMENT Everything we choose for ourselves in life, whether it be the clothes we buy, the car we drive or even the food we eat reflects the true individuality of its owner and this is what I try to emulate in my art. MOTIVATION My preferred medium is Resin art in larger sizes. I find that working with resin on a larger scale gives me the opportunity to really express what resin can do. As it is a liquid in its raw form it needs to "flow" and "move" and as such the finished piece needs to express this movement. I am currently working on incorporating encaustics (bees wax) into my resin art to give an extra textural look and feel.