Acrylic Pour Painting Workshop • Ocean & Nature themes! 

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In this Art Workshop, you will learn from a Sydney-based Abstract Fluid artist, Mabel from Artful Adventure, the knowledge and skills that you need to create beautiful abstract fluid art paintings. Acrylic Pour painting is a unique art form that involves improvisation, being in the moment and following your creative instincts. It is a very calming and therapeutic experience. You will learn acrylic pour techniques and work with different colours to create truly unique ocean and nature themed paintings. 

If you have always wanted to do something creative while having fun and bond with your family and friends, this workshop is for you! This would also be great as a birthday, thank you or anniversary gift for a loved one.

In a friendly and supportive environment, you will learn: 

  1. The basics of acrylic pour painting
  2. The tools or supplies that are needed
  3. Basic colour theory and how to choose colours that will go together
  4. How to choose paint types that are good for acrylic pouring

and methods for mixing paint and pouring medium properly 

  1. Acrylic pour techniques such as 'swipe’, ‘direct pour’ and ‘dip’ to create ocean and nature themed paintings 
  2. Composition and how to avoid overworking your painting
  3. Recommendations on how to store your painting for drying and how to varnish your painting. (Bonus: for those attending my workshops for the second/third time, you can bring the paintings you have created from my previous workshops to be varnished). 

What you will take away from this workshop:

  1. Two completely unique 20 x 25cm paintings that you have created
  2. An information sheet (supplies that you will need and tips if you want to do this at home) 
  1. A basic colour wheel
  2. Simple tools you need to re-create these paintings
  3. Basic skills for creating abstract acrylic pour painting with different effects (cells and unique patterns) 
  4. Explore and channel your inner creativity into art 
  5. Learn a new skill in a friendly environment  
  6. Have a fun and relaxing time 
  7. A chance to do something creative with friends and family

Beginners are welcomed. No experience required.

*** Small class size to ensure attention can be given to each participant (maximum of 10 people).

This class is suitable for adults.

What to bring
Clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on, or bring an apron. Bring a mask to help keep everyone safe. Gloves will be provided. Due to Covid, we are asking everyone to bring their own water and refreshments. 


“The workshop was so much fun and such a therapeutic way to spend the afternoon! Mabel is so knowledgeable and very talented, she showed us the techniques used then guided us on how to make two amazing artworks to take home. I enjoyed every minute of it!” - Charlotte 

“You were so helpful, supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable. It (the workshop) made me very happy, I loved all the colours and the beauty of the technique. You were a terrific teacher!” Judy

“I attended a brilliant and enjoyable workshop presented by Mabel. She’s a great instructor and allows you to be creative and expressive. Lots of fun and assistance during the workshop meant that I could take home 2 creations that I’m proud of. Thank you Mabel”- Helen

“I just want to say a huge thank you for today- is one of the best workshops I’ve ever been!!! It’s amazing, relaxing and therapeutic. 

Mabes is a very knowledgeable and professional artist. She was very supportive throughout the workshop. A fun and relaxing creative workshop! Highly recommended and can’t wait to learn more pouring techniques with Mabes!!!” - Yolanda