Kiln Firing Service Request

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Maker's Loft Kiln Firing Service - Ts & Cs

We take all care:

Maker's Loft will take all care where possible, however we don't take responsibility for loss or damage and reserves the right to refuse any items which we feel may cause problems. If you have any concerns, you may choose not to use the service.

Firing time frame

Firing is conducted only when kiln is full. This may mean a delay in getting your ware back on certain firings. 
We should be able to give you an idea of time frame when you bring your items in for firing.

Safety of work & kiln

To help us protect our kiln and other peoples’ work:
• We do not accept wet work. It must be 100% dry when dropping it off for firing.
• We ask you supply specific details of the clay and/or glazes used or your work may not be fired.
• We do not to fire work with glazed bases.

Please note: You are responsible for any damage your work causes to Maker's Loft kiln and/or shelves; you are liable for replacement costs.


The base and 5mm from the base must be free from glaze. 
We can only stilt earthenware (if we must).

Mark your items

Your work and your boxes must be clearly named or may not be returned to you. 
All work left at Maker's Loft for longer than 2 months will be disposed of.

DIY kiln loading

You must be at least 18 years of age.

You agree that you have been instructed by Maker's Loft staff regarding the safe and appropriate handling of kiln equipment and that you clearly understand and follow these instructions.

The kiln will be turned on by Maker's Loft staff as per settings requested by yourself.