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Expand your pottery skills with a studio membership

If you've taken a pottery class, fallen in love with the medium and want to continue refining your skills, sign up for our open studio membership. You can continue to practice at your own pace.

Please note: these studio sessions are not led by a teacher and are completely self-directed.

We offer an ongoing membership which provides access to the studio’s facilities for professional and amateur potters, ceramicists and sculptors working in clay. Members have unlimited use of the communal studio, 24/7.


  • Unlimited use of communal Kiln (for pieces created in our studio by you)
  • Unlimited use of our air-conditioned creative space
  • 14 pottery wheels (incl. 4 dual directional wheel)
  • Use of selected communal equipment & tools
  • Personal shelf for drying & storage area
  • Free wi-fi
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Selection of communal and studio glazes
  • 15% off classes, workshops & online store items

You should bring:

  • Own clay (this can be online).
  • Own Grazes (for personal preference)


  • Please make an appointment for a short induction before commencement.
  • All equipment and tools must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of every visit.
  • Must be 16+ or older

    Booking instructions:

    • 'Add to cart' and select your monthly, three monthly or half yearly membership. Your membership is valid for duration of selected time.
    • For new members, please arrange an induction meeting prior to commencement.

    Taking a break:

    • You'll be entitled to place your membership on hold while taking a break.
    • A member can take a break from their membership when they can't make use of the studio because of travel or personal reasons.
    • You'll accumulate 2 free days per each consecutive membership month from when you've first signed up. 
      Things you MUST KNOW

      We ask you to...
      • Clean up after yourself. (pottery wheels must be cleaned well)
      • Turn your pottery wheel off at the power.
      • Place your items on your allocated shelf unless requested otherwise.
      • Store your tools and materials in your allocated cube or locker. 
      • Turn off lights and Aircon. if you're the last person to leave our studios.
      We will NOT fire
      • Work that is wet or damp. Work must be ‘bone dry’ to avoid evaporating moisture and/or explosions in the kiln.
      • Work that contains foreign materials (metal, wood, etc.). The burnout can damage elements.
      • All stoneware (in particular BRT/Clays with Trachyte) will need to come with a tile for the base to protect our shelves.
      • Glazed green ware (raw clay).
      • Work with glazed bases. This will stick to the kiln shelf during firing. Any work found to have glaze on the base or deemed otherwise unsuitable to fire will be placed on the ‘REJECT’ shelf in the kiln shed.
      • Solid or extremely thick pieces. Anything thicker than 3cm MAX has the potential to explode.
      • Work that is hazardous to the staff or our kilns.
      Please make sure you...
      • Wax and wipe the bottom of all of your pots to ensure there is no glaze there.
      • Provide us with clear information about your work. Know your Clay & Know your Glaze
      • Poke a hole in your piece if it is hollow and fully enclosed. This WILL explode if you don’t.
      • You must have a Maker's Mark (uniquely mark) or Write your name or your work to more easily identify and collect from the trolleys. This also helps to prevent accidentally collecting someone else’s work.
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