• Pottery & Ceramics Studio

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Pottery & Ceramics Studio

Pottery & Ceramics Studio

Pottery & Ceramics Studio


We have a range of electric kilns for which we offer space in our communal kiln.

We take extraordinary care of everyone's work loading and unloading, however we don't take responsibility for any unforeseen damage to your pieces or glaze on your pieces.

By placing an order you agree to trust us in taking the best care possible, and acknowledge the nature of ceramics 🙏.

Kiln Firing Service Orders 

Non members can arrange space in our communal kiln.

Select from below firing options to place your order and book.

Please bring a copy of your order sheet with itemised description of your work and contact details.

Bulk or Large item Firing Request Form

If you have larger pieces or a number of pieces that need to be fired (10+), please complete our 'Request Form' before Placing your firing order, In order for us to know what you'll be dropping off, the type of firing you'd like and your contact details. So we can let you know if we can fit it in at the time.

Find out more about our Kiln Firing Services for non members here.