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Create your own natural body & skincare products

A health class with a twist, this beauty workshop will show you the fundamentals of natural, sustainable skincare.

Perfect for beginners, you’ll learn how to craft products for exfoliating, nourishing and moisturising your body.

In this workshop, you’ll be shown how to match ingredients and beauty products that match your skin type and focus on sustainable, mindful and natural materials and products. You’ll learn about alternative ingredients, uses and benefits, and how to utilise them with essential oils, botanicals and body butters.

Not only will you leave the workshop with a new skillset and invaluable knowledge on natural skincare but you’ll also take home your very own personally packaged natural skincare products for you to enjoy at home. Relax and enjoy a class that focuses on self love and sustainability!

This is the perfect project to keep busy, making gift for friends.

Children will enjoy a safe and relaxed creative space for a this learning experience.

If you are looking for school holidays activities in Sydney, check out all our holiday workshops here, as they will discover and enhance their creativity, make new friends and take home all their own projects.

Suitable for

• Perfect for beginners.
• Friend groups & individuals (age 12+)
• Perfect for those who love exploring with beauty & cosmetics.

What you'll get

• All tools and Materials needed.
Your handmade items to take home.

What to bring

• Recess, Lunch & Drink Bottle
• Please keep in mind we may be working with things that are messy (aprons are available).

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