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Kiln fire • Single Stoneware Fire /kg (△ 9-10)

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❗Please bring a copy of your order sheet with itemised description of your work and contact details when dropping off your work.

We have a range of electric kilns for which we offer space in our communal kiln.

We take extraordinary care of everyone's work loading and unloading, however we don't take responsibility for any unforeseen damage to your pieces or glaze on your pieces.

By placing an order you agree to trust us in taking the best care possible, and acknowledge the nature of ceramics 🙏.

Firing is charged per Kg (round up or down to the nearest Kg)

Bisque Fire temp:  △ 06-04
Mid Fire Glaze temp: △ 6-7
Stoneware Glaze temp: △ 9-10

We don't have regular firing for Earthenware (1100ºc) & Stoneware (1300ºc), so please contact us for the next estimated firing dates.

Kiln Booking enquiry form $150 Full kiln (we load)
Woodrow Electric Kiln size 600mm x 600mm x 800mm

We will NOT fire

  • Work that doesn't have an order number, itemised description list & contact details (for non members).
  • Work that is wet or damp. Work must be ‘bone dry’ to avoid evaporating moisture and/or explosions in the kiln.
  • Work that contains foreign materials (metal, wood, etc.). The burnout can damage elements.
  • All stoneware (in particular BRT/Clays with Trachyte) will need to come with a tile for the base to protect our shelves.
  • Glazed green ware (raw clay).
  • Work with glazed bases. This will stick to the kiln shelf during firing. Any work found to have glaze on the base or deemed otherwise unsuitable to fire will be placed on the ‘REJECT’ shelf in the kiln shed. We recommend a minimum clearance of 3-5mm from the base of you work.
  • Solid or extremely thick pieces. Anything thicker than 3cm MAX has the potential to explode.
  • Work that is hazardous to the staff or our kilns.
  • Wax and wipe the bottom of all of your pots to ensure there is no glaze there.
  • Provide us with clear information about your work. Know your Clay & Know your Glaze
  • Poke a hole in your piece if it is hollow and fully enclosed. This WILL explode if you don’t.
  • You must have a Maker's Mark (uniquely mark) or Write your name or your work to more easily identify and collect from the trolleys. This also helps to prevent accidentally collecting someone else’s work.
  • For non members - Bring your own box & packing material when dropping off and picking up your work as we do not supply these items.